Race Attitude

Race distribution

This distribution summarizes 732,881 IAT scores for the race task completed between July 2000 and May 2006. The dark bars indicate faster sorting of African American with Bad and European American with Good, gray bars indicate faster sorting of European American with Bad and African American with Good. The bar height indicates the number of people who scored within that range. The IAT effect (a D score) has a possible range of -2 to +2. Break points for ‘slight’ (.15), ‘moderate’ (.35) and ‘strong’ (.65) were selected conservatively according to psychological conventions for effect size. Scientific reports of the IAT D effect are available in Greenwald, Nosek, & Banaji, 2003 and Nosek, Greenwald, & Banaji, 2006. More information about results for the race IAT is available in Nosek, Banaji, & Greenwald, 2002.

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