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Data exchanged with this site are protected by SSL encryption. Project Implicit uses the same secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) that banks use to securely transfer credit card information.

This provides strong security for data transfer to and from our website. IP addresses are routinely recorded, but are completely confidential. Researchers will have access to the information you provided at registration.

Project Implicit may use transient or "session" cookies to track progress through individual studies. These session tags disappear once a web browser is closed. No permanent cookies will be stored on participant machines.

Visitors to our research website are invited to register an email address with us in order to create an account to participate in ongoing research studies. Email addresses are used to track participation at the website over time. Potentially identifying demographic information is collected but you may skip any item at any time with one exception (entering your age is required for consent). Demographic data collected at the website, and research data collected in individual studies, is associated with an anonymous user number and is stored separately from email addresses.

Email addresses will never be disclosed or shared with any third-party.

Data collected on the Project Implicit website may be posted in online data repositories with identifying information removed; for example, all data collected on the demonstration website is available here.

If you have any concerns regarding our policy please email us at