Los Cientificos

Los Cientificos

Alfonso Ayala

Alfonso Ayala is the Project Implicit Lead Scientist, chapter Mexico. Currently, he is a Researcher and Professor in the Colegio de Veracruz (COLVER), and part of the National System of Researchers of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT). He earned a Master in Public Administration, and a Master in Law from Harvard University, and a S.J.D. from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico). He has published several books, including Equality and Consciousness. Implicit biases in Builders and Interpreters of Law. His areas of work are: New technologies and their relation to the electoral processes in Mexico and the implicit biases in public decision makers.

Alfonso Ayala es el Líder Científico del Proyecto Implícito en México. Actualmente es Profesor-Investigador en El Colegio de Veracruz (COLVER), y es parte del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores del CONACYT, Nivel 1. Obtuvo las Maestrías en Administración Pública y en Derecho por la Universidad de Harvard y el Doctorado en Derecho por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Ha publicado diversos libros, entre ellos Igualdad y Conciencia. Sesgos Implícitos en Constructores e Intérpretes del Derecho. Sus áreas de trabajo son: Las nuevas tecnologías y su relación con los procesos electorales en México y los sesgos implícitos en los tomadores de decisiones públicas.

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez is a Research Assistant. He studied Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has done research in the Department of Biochemistry at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, and work in the area of Teaching and Research at the ISSSTE Hospital Veracruz. His area of interest is: Psychoneuroimmunology.

Daniel Martínez es Asistente de Investigación. Estudió Biología en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Ha hecho investigación en el Departamento de Bioquímica del Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias y trabajó en el Área de Enseñanza e Investigación del Hospital ISSSTE de Veracruz. Su área de interés es: Psiconeuroinmunología.

Brian Nosek
Brian Nosek
Mahzarin Banaji
Mahzarin Banaji
Tony Greenwald
Tony Greenwald
  • 1995: B.S., Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; Psychology; Minors: Women's Studies, Computer Science
  • 1998: M.S., Yale University (Advisor: Mahzarin R. Banaji)
  • 1999: M.Phil. Yale University (Advisor: Mahzarin R. Banaji)
  • 2002: PhD, Yale Univeristy (Advisor: Mahzarin R. Banaji)
  • 2001-02: Exchange Scholar, Harvard University
  • 2005: Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
  • 2002-present: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia
  • Editorial Board: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology - Attitudes and Social Cognition, 2004
  • Research interests: Implicit Cognition; Automaticity; Ideology; Attributions of Responsibility; Morality; Attitudes, Beliefs, and Identity; Person-Situation Interactions; Affect and Cognition; Social Cognition; Political Psychology; Memory; Research Methodology; Quantitative Methods; Technology and Innovation
  • Present Graduate Students: Kate Ranganath, Colin Smith, Nicole Lindner, Jennifer Joy, Carlee Hawkins, Yoav Bar-Anan, Jesse Graham, Selin Kesebir
  • Post-Doctoral and Research Associate Collaborators: Frederick Smyth, N. Sriram
  • Visiting Scholars: Bogdan Tulbure (2007), Michelangelo Vianello (2004)
  • Prinicipal Investigator: R-01 NIMH "A Virtual Laboratory for the Social and Behavioral Sciences"; NSF-REESE "Implicit Cognition in STEM Education"
  • Awards: 2007 Michele Alexander Early Career Award for scholarship and service from the Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues; 2006 Young Investigator Award in Experimental Psychology: General; 2006 University of Virginia Department of Psychology Outstanding Professor Award
  • 1976: BA, Nizam College, Hyderabad, India
  • 1978: M.A. Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
  • 1982: M.A. Ohio State University (Advisor: Anthony G. Greenwald)
  • 1986: PhD, Ohio State Univeristy (Advisor: Anthony G. Greenwald)
  • 1985-86: NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington (Sponsor: Claude Steele)
  • 1986-2002: Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, Department of Psychology, Yale University
  • 2001: Reuben Post Halleck Professor of Psychology, Yale University
  • 2002-present: Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Department of Psychology, Harvard University; Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
  • Fellow: American Association for the Advancement of Science; Society for Experimental Psychologists; American Psychological Society, American Psychological Association (Divisions 2, 8, 9); Society of Experimental Social Psychology
  • Secretary, APS, 1997-1999; Chair, Task Force on the Dissemination of Psychological Science, APS, 1997-1998; Board of Scientific Affairs, APA, 1998-2002; Society of Experimental Social Psychology, Executive Committee, 1996-1999; Board Member, Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology
  • Co-Editor: Essays in Social Psychology, Psychology Press; Advisory Board, Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience, Oxford
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 1994-1996; Psychological Review, 1996-1998
  • Editorial Board Member (at present, selected): Psychological Science; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: ASC; Social Cognition; Social, Cognitive, & Affective Neuroscience; Perspectives on Psychological Science
  • Over 100 scholarly articles and book chapters
  • Awards (selected): Lex Hixon Award for Teaching Excellence, Yale College, 1991; John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1997; James McKeen Cattell Fellowship, 1997; Gordon Allport Prize for Intergroup Relations, 2000; Morton Deutsch Award for Social Justice
  • Research interests: Experimental Psychology: Social cognition; unconscious cognition; attitudes, beliefs, values; self and identity; research methods; social neuroscience; social cognitive development
  • Ph.D. students: Scott Akalis, Andy Baron, Irene Blair, Siri Carpenter, Dolly Chugh; William Cunningham, Nilanjana Dasgupta, Jack Glaser, Aiden Gregg, Curtis Hardin, Kristin Lane, Kristi Lemm, Jamaal McDell, Brian Nosek, Kristina Olson, Jaihyun Park
  • Postdocs: Stephanie Goodwin, Thierry Devos, Jason Mitchell, Dana Carney, Kristin Shutts
  • 1959: A.B., Yale College
  • 1961: A.M., Harvard University (Advisor, Elliot Aronson)
  • 1963: Ph.D., Harvard University (Advisor, Gordon W. Allport)
  • 1963-65: Postdoctoral Fellow, Educational Testing Service
  • 1965-1986 Assistant Professor to Professor (1971), Ohio State University, Department of Psychology
  • 1986-present: Professor, University of Washington, Department of Psychology
  • Fellow: Society of Experimental Psychologists, American Psychological Association, American Psychological Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Associate Editor (1972-76) and Editor (1977-1979): Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Chair: Society of Experimental Social Psychology (1985-86)
  • Donald T. Campbell Award, Society of Personality and Social Psychology (1994)
  • Thomas M. Ostrom Award, Person Memory Interest Group (2001)
  • Research Scientist Award, National Institute of Mental Health (1998-2003)
  • 5 edited or co-authored books; 100+ scholarly articles and book chapters
  • Research interests: Attitudes and attitude change; unconscious cognition; self; prejudice; stereotypes; student ratings in higher education
  • PhDs Supervised: Richard L. Abrams, Stuart M. Albert, Mahzarin R. Banaji, Michael H. Baumgardner, Steven J. Breckler, John T. Cacioppo, Dallas M. Cullen, Shelly D. Farnham, Sean C. Draine, Paulette M. Gillig, Mitzi M. S. Johnson, Mark R. Klinger, Michael R. Leippe, Robert E. Love, Dorothy Markiewicz, Anthony R. Pratkanis, David L. Ronis, Jane E. Swanson, Mark E. Vande Kamp, Gary L. Wells
  • Postdocs supervised: Geoffrey L. Cohen, Nilanjana Dasgupta, Elizabeth L. Haines, Renata Kodilja, Thomas J. Liu, Dominika Maison, T. Brad Pinter, Laurie A. Rudman

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