IAT on Tablets: Beta Testing

It is well known that people don't always 'speak their minds', and it is suspected that people don't always 'know their minds'. Understanding such divergences is important to scientific psychology.

This web site presents a method that demonstrates the conscious-unconscious divergences much more convincingly than has been possible with previous methods. This new method is called the Implicit Association Test, or IAT for short.

In addition, this site contains various related information. The value of this information may be greatest if you try one test first... You can start the demonstration by clicking the link below.

You have been redirected to this page because we detected that you are viewing the website with a touch device. Currently, most of our demonstration tasks do not run on touch devices. We have a few demonstrations of the IAT for tablet computers, and you can try it by clicking the link below.

If you are not using a touch device and have been mistakenly redirected here, please use this link to take a test on the demonstration site.

The following tests are derived from the book "Blindspot" which can be obtained from here.

Race IAT

Flower-Insect IAT

Gender Career-Family IAT

Race Weapons IAT

Project Implicit Services

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